January 4, 2011

New Year 2011 y`all !!!


Its already 4th January 2011 !! beleive it or not, time just flew so quickly..
i`m already in my last semester of my studies, and probably my last year in germany..tsk..tsk...sad,isnt? Macam xpercaya dah 4 years im in Germany..Konstanz to be exact...Im sure that ill be missing all those bitter sweet memories that i have here:))

Here are some photos on our New Year's Eve in Konstanz ...itll probably our last New Year celebration here in Konstanz ;((

Konstanz 's Port..Beautiful, isnt?

My better half and i

Idayu , Il and I

Us (Nerd version)

Not so nerd of us

Freestyle version of us

Schwarzmeer will be missed :)

me : Hana Tajima wannabe..lol

Thats all for today..better get back to work!! Hopefully this year will be more posts from me... ;))