July 3, 2015

Recipe: My Simple Chocolate Cookies Recipe

Hey lovelies,

We are about halfway through the Islamic month of Ramadan, which is the holiest period on the Islamic calendar.I love Ramadhan and the feeling of closeness it brings. Closeness to Allah, closeness to the family and closeness to the people around us Muslims and Non- Muslims included.I'm a little bit sad as of how fast this month goes by but at the same time i'm quite excited as Eid-ul-fitri is just around the corner. That being said... i am excited to share with you guys my recipe that i adapted from Tanya Burr's website.

So here is my take on My Chocolate Cookies:

Ingredients bellow are to make around 25 rather medium size cookies. So,you will need..

200g butter (room temperature)

200g caster sugar 
1 large egg
275g self-raising flour
75g cocoa powder
a little dash of milk 
a large bar of milk chocolate (Fruit&Nut types)
a large bar of white chocolate ( i didn't use any)


1. Heat your oven around 180C. If you use mini oven, 170C should be enough.

2. Mix butter and sugar with a mixer until they are smooth.
3. Put in your egg into the mixture and mix well.
4. Stir the dry ingredients (Green colour) together and pour into the wet ingredients (Red colour).
5. Use your hand to mix both of the mixture together. Add in a little milk if the mixture is too dry.
6. Break up your chocolate bar (Purple colour) and mix the together in the mixture.
7. Make a small ball out of the mixture and lay them on a parchment paper.
8. Pop in the oven (mini oven please use the lowest rack) strictly for 10 minutes and not more!Let them cool on a cookie rack.

There you have it! The texture is amazing! It is almost like eating a cookie and a brownie at the same time. Crunchy on the outside and soft inside. You got the best of both world, i would say! If you love dark chocolate, definitely go out of your way to add more dark chocolate bar into the mixture. And if you like sweets, i would recommend to add more on the sugar part (50g-100g more). But this recipe is perfect for my taste as those chocolate bars are already as sweet as they can be :)

Lots of love,


July 2, 2015

Review: My Skincare Routine (Day)

Hey lovelies,

I used to be a skincare freak. I took care of my skin better than my teeth...yeah i said it! Judge me people! Judge! I dont know since when I've turned into this crazy skincare freak lady. Kind of like a crazy cat lady, but instead of cats laying around all over my house, i have overflowing skincare products in every drawer..hahaha! I'm sure i get the eye rolls from friends when i'm offering them such-and such product to cure such-and-such ...hhahaha

Pfff what do they know, anyway.

I have normal to dry skin. I'm thankful that my skin didn't give me a lot of trouble all this while..but whenever i got a zit, i would freak out and go out of my way to get a new product to clear them ASAP! As if i don't have a bunch of acne treatment products in my drawer already *roll eyes*

But since i've become a mother, i become totally a different person (*skincare wise*). I didnt even realize that my cleanser is running out..and the scarriest part is that i don't even bother to buy it ASAP. I just use Aidan's shower gel to wash my face..to that extend people! Help me!

Whatever it is, i found a new routine that works for me. It didnt includes too many steps as before, but i definitely 100% sure that my skin is loving it right now. So lets jump right in to it:

Day time routine 

Cleanser :  The Body Shop Facial Cleansing Polish

I love using this early in the morning because the fragrance is so incredibly refreshing. The scent of orange peel combining with the sweet chemical smell which i cant recall. hahah! I like it also because it contains micro-beads in it which act as a scrub to make your face smoother and eventually brighter i suppose :p

Toner: Hada Labo Mild Peeling Lotion

I have nothing much to say about this toner. I do not hate it but i also definitely do not love it either. It is just a so-so product for me. It have become a habit for me to use a toner before i moisturize. So any toner will do for me.. I welcome any suggestion if you guys have any good product to recommend :)

Moisturize: Life-Flo Pure Rosehip Seed Oil

One word. Life changing! I used to struggle with my dull looking skin, shine marks on my cheeks and dry patches cling on my nose.... But it seems like putting this oil on my face has totally balanced things out. I no longer have those problem anymore. This oil got to be my permanent part of my skincare routine.. Im obsessed!!!

Sunscreen: Hada Labo Air Aqua UV Day Emulsion

The most important part of the day! Put on your sunscreen guys! If you dont have it, please please buy it! I dont want to recommend any sunscreen product as i am sure after i run out of this, ill make sure ill buy a different brand..hahah! But this is a good product. Very light weight hence the name. I think it would be suitable for oily and combination skin as well as it didnt have any oily feeling to it. i will sure  recommend it if you want to try a simple and non sticky sunscreen product :P

That's it guys! it is that simple! Salam Ramadan!

Lots of Love