March 8, 2015

Aidan Nuh: 7 - 9 Months Postpartum Update

Hey lovelies,

Baby Aidan Nuh is 9.5 months young!!

I know its cliche, but i just couldn't believe how fast time flies!! like seriously you guys!! how come he grow up that fast? i still remember clearly how small he was on his first day and now...look at him!! he is  crawling and cruising everywhere! MashaALLAH.. I am truly grateful to you,Ya ALLAH!!

Believe it or not, it is actually the most busiest 9 months of my life, hands down! How on earth my parents took care of us six siblings??? I love you Mak and Abah!! Now that i am a parent, i slowly understand that parenting is about being the best mom or dad we can be to our kids. There is no straightforward manual for raising kids.. so Mr Hubs and I are trying our best!! So, no judgement here please!

9 Months
  • His weight didn't change and still a healthy 10.3 kg baby.
  • I can proudly say that he is still 100% breastfed baby.
  • He had his 5th teeth. (upper)
  • He can stand on his own for a few second.
  • He will call me "mama" when he needs me.
  • He can babble a few words such as "baba" , "nene", "tete", etc
  • Banana and mandarin orange are his favorite fruits.
  • He hates barley puree. or anything puree! He just want what we adult eat! *sigh* Please dont grow up tooooo fast!!
  • He still haven't sleep through the night,thou. (now you know where i got those panda eyes)
  • Overall, he is an active baby :)

8 Months
  • A whooping 10.3 kg baby.
  • He had his 3rd and 4th teeth with high grade fever before those teeth came out.
  • He started to recognize people faces. So he will cry if unfamiliar faces pick him up.
  • He was afraid of the ocean. (ombak jahat!)
  • He was easily entertained. (#mudahterhibur)
  • He loves his teething biscuits. We can now have our quite dinner outside :)
  • By this month, he totally hates it if we put him in his playpen or we called it "penjara baby".
  • Well, if  jumping on the same spot could be consider as dancing. He totally likes to dance. 

7 Months
  • I think he is around 9.8 kg. I forgot to weight him, thou :)
  • He had his 1st and 2nd teeth without any fever.
  • He loves his puree! By this months, i have introduced him with white peach, apple, pear, plum,carrot,pumpkin, mango,sweet potato, sweet peas, spinach, brown rice, barley and oats.
  • Since he started to crawl at 6 months young, by this month..he is an avid crawler! crawling everywhere like he just don't care!! Sometimes i just let him be as long as  he didn't crawl into the bathroom or into the kitchen!
  • Since Baba Aidan loves to blow on Aidan's tummy, he kept on blowing mama's tummu whenever he got the chance! Cheeky boy!!
I cant wait for his other first time skills..
Insya Allah i will do another update when he turns 1! Please bear with me ok?! :)

Lots of Love,

Aidan Nuh: 0 - 6 Months Postpartum Update

Hey lovelies,

I have been meaning to write this, but i keep putting it off for several reasons..

Today i manage to squeeze an update for Aidan's first 6 months of his life! I'm not gonna lie that - at first, i didn't expect my life would totally change after i had him. But in all my honesty..everything...i mean EVERYTHING change!! My priorities changes, my bedtime routine changes, my skincare routine changes and even my diet changes!!  Alhamdulillah everything change for the better, InsyaAllah!! And thank you Mr Hubs for always be there for me even when i'm turning into Godzilla at times ..hiks!!

So without further ranting, here we go :

6 Months

  • A whooping healthy 9.3 kg baby.
  • Officially reach 6 months goal of 100% breastfeeding. 1.5 years to go, InsyaAllah! 
  • He started to crawl and sit on his own!! i'm a proud mama!
  • He started his first solid with avocado puree and he loves it!
  • He was very quiet around unfamiliar faces. I got myself a shy baby i would say :) 

5 Months
  • He was 8.6 kg and 66 cm.
  • And because he was a champ roller, this month was his first time fell out of bed :( 
  • His first word is baba!! *Sigh!!* 
  • He can sit with support by this month.
  • He started to push himself with both hands to move from one point to another. But he still doesn't know how to make use of his leg, thou.

4 Months

  • He was 7.65 kg and 63 cm.
  • His first roll on his tummy! Mama was and still proud of you!!
  • Aidan met new friends as we changed a new babysitter because the first one turned out to be an OCD freak!! 

3 Months

  • He was 6.8 kg on his third months checkup, 62 cm long.
  • His newborn milia was completely gone by this month.
  • He started to roll on his side but not completely on his tummy.
  • He hated tummy time, but which baby doesn't, right? hiks!
  • Mama needed to go to work this month, so his first time left with his baby sitter.
  • He started to love the bouncer and we ended up buying another one to leave it at babysitter house.

2 Months

  • He was 5.2 kg on his second months checkup. 60.5 cm long.
  • Still jaundice but it slowly went away by the end of the month.
  • He hated his bouncer. Period.
  • He still smile, giggle and laugh in his sleep but slowly started to smile when he was awake.
  • Still a big eater! Can't stop latching when he was awake!

1 Months

  • He was 3.75 kg on his one month checkup, and 57 cm long.
  • We have tried sun bath, Chinese herb bath and chives leaves bath but he was still jaundice.
  • He will only smile, giggle and laugh in his sleep.
  • His awake time usually because he was hungry. And he latched-on up to two hours at times!

0 Months
  • He was born at Pearl Maternity Hospital, Penang at 12:11 pm
  • Fresh from the oven at 2.75 kg and 50 cm long.
  • He was born with newborn milia all over his face. But the doctor said its normal. We just wipe his face with warm water everyday.
  • Jaundice started on day 4-5 and admitted on day 6 for 2 days.The doctor diagnosed it as breast milk jaundice, so we got nothing to worry about. 

That's all from Mama Aidan. Ill update more in my next post!
Pinky promise! :)

Lots of Love,