March 10, 2014

Randomness: Pray for MH370

Hey lovelies,

Our country has come to a great shock with the sudden disappearing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. As we enter into day 4, the plane is still nowhere to be found. 

I used to ride the airplane during my study year, thus this news really hit me hard as it can possibly be me or anyone close to me. I find it insensitive towards the victims's family when people wrote stupid comments or conspiracy ideas regarding this matter. Please..please keep those comments to yourselves!! They suffer enough by not knowing where their loves one are right at this moment :(

I recently found out that the co-pilot is my junior in MRSM Taiping. Even though i didn't recognize him before, it really struck me...  I really do hope that we will continue to offer our prayers for the safety of the passengers and cabin crews of this missing plane. May Allah SWT bless them and their family.

Lots of love,