April 9, 2015

Randomness: Happy 8th years, Schatzie!!

Picture taken on Nov 2011 @ Frankfurt, Germany

Today eight years ago, 9 April 2007 ... 

We were on our very first Euro trip with a big group of ALG 8 clan.. I can still remember clearly..We were in the middle of Prague city walking around with all the others exploring the city... I was so nervous waiting for you to find the right time and words to ask me out for a fine dinner together.

We had our dinner date at one fine restaurant with a minimal conversation. You seems loss of words the whole time we were there...after the dinner date I wanted to join the others but you asked me to stop by KFC to have another conversation. You gave me a black crystal bracelet (I lost it already) and asked if you could be the one for me. I didn't gave any answer that night. Hahah! Sorry for that!

But since that day, we grew a lot together..you have always be there for me...supporting me with all my crazy goals and dreams (Master's, Engineer and now PruBSN Takaful Agent.. haha)...

Thank you for being such a darling husband, a crazy best friend and amazing daddy to Aidan Nuh :) I love you even on the days I don't like you very much - but today is a special day..let's celebrate the best of both of us. Let's grow even older together! Insya Allah! 

Happy 8th years, Schatzie! Muah muah!