June 25, 2010

long updates!!

O..EMM..GEE!! this will be the longest post ever!! if you are already sick of me,discontinue reading this post..but if you are not,, go on..cost you nothing,except your time :))

being an on and off blogger is in my blood and flesh..hahaha.....one post every one or two months isnt that bad, oder??!! i'm actually in my exams week already..i dont know why, but this semester had made me to be like an extremely LAZY FAT CAT!! (why did i choose cat?i actually want to type b*#tc%, but i guess it is not very appropriate:p)

I have 3 more papers before my summer holiday...Before i wrote this post,i tried to open my notes..i flipped through my Ingineurakustik notes page by page..unfortunately,i have no idea what ive been learning throughout this semester..i couldn't concentrate either... i ended up in front of my laptop instead :))

A whole lot of things did happen to me recently...where should i begin?..hurm..let start with the fun part first...

i just move in!!!! or should i say move out? i dont know...either way, since the past 3 weeks , i have own a big coolest room ever!!! haha...xla cool sgt..but still, its so much bigger from my previous room,, and even bigger from my own room in KL!!! you guys have to come down here (KONSTANZ) if you want to find out how big it is!!! hahaha.... I have two other housemates (Bea&Sonja)..Bea is friendly and nice..but Sonja..i havent really talk with her ..i have met her a couple of time...She is a little bit "guyish" (is that really a word?) to me..He ..i mean she wear guy cloths and whatever...Anyway, both of them will be moving out soon..My future housemates will be from Poland and China...I am actually excited to meet them already.. Have i told you that my house owner have a really huge dog?My house is actually on a second floor and the owner live in a first floor..So everytime i want to get to my house, i will have to face her dog!!!! Scary huh? But after a few weeks, her dog had actually ignore me completely..i guess, it was because i didnt pay much att to him, so he hate me...hahahahah!!!!!

Actually a week before i move out, i have a chance to went to Greece with my friends...I seriously in love with GREECE!!!! no wonder so many people choose Greece as their honeymoon vacation spot!! it was totally worth every penny..eventhou we were on a tight budget, but we still having a lots of fun!!! I might (or might not ) create other post to just tell you guys about this trip :))

The most scariest moment that i always always always think about when i abroad has actually come to reality, which is losing my loved one. I hate it that i can not be there at that very momment! ive lost my beloved grandmother on 15 June 2010..I received a text message from my dad that my grandmother is already died and they were on the way to Melaka with her body to burry her there. My late grandmother, or we called her "nenek" was living with us in KL since...i dont know when..its like since forever!! Everytime before i flew back to Germany, she will cry..and said that if she
still or if she not have a chance to meet me again...unfortunately we didnt get that chance anymore :'( i miss her so bad that it hurts... she will always be in my thoughts and prayers.

May Allah honor her and grant her peace...Amin.