May 19, 2014

First Pregnancy: Third Trimester Update (Up to 37 weeks)

Hi lovelies,

Oh my, i'm at my 37 weeks mark and still haven't finish preparing all the baby stuff yet!! where did all this time goes? Last thing i knew i was writing the list of baby stuff and vomiting all the way through...and then i realized that i'm almost there! InsyaAllah!!

As far as im concern, we will never be 100% ready...but i think that we have tried everything that we could to prepare for the big day..and all there left is just hoping for the best! 

My third trimester started off with my 3D/4D growth scan at my 28.5 weeks. I booked an appointment for a 3D/4D scan through  this website. It was done at Klinik Mediviron, Gelugor Penang, by Miss Jezzlyn, a sonographer who came all the way from Kuala Lumpur. It cost me RM120 for the whole session plus one CD. Miss Jezzlyn was very gentle and informative as well. I'm very pleased with the session!!  Ill recommend this service to all preggy moma out there who is between 27 weeks to 30 weeks in their pregnancy. It is just to make sure your baby didn't look as skinny/boney as they will already gain a bit of fat around that time :))

Here is a little snapshot from the 3D/4D scan of my little peanut :))

My little peanut at 28.5 weeks!!

Weight gain has been out of my control ever since i'm in my third trimester! Sometimes ill be gaining 2 kg in 2 weeks..but sometimes i gained nothing in the next two weeks and lose it all again in one week. It had been quite a struggle for me to climb up my scale everyday and wondering if i ever will lose all this weight after my pregnancy..lols..drama, much! But all in all, i've gained almost 13 kg from my pre-pregnancy weight...I'm hoping not to gain anymore weight.. so,im  really trying to eat super healthy and drink more water to re-hydrate my body!

36 weeks pregnant!!

Eating has been my hardest challenge so far.. i am constantly craving for sweet and sugary stuff..I'm super trying to eat more healthy and try to cut sugar intake as well. I managed to control my craving ..but at times, i was force to gave in..haha :(  As far as supplement goes, i didn't really take prenatal supplement daily. Ill only took it whenever i feel like my diet that day was not as healthy as it should be. Well, real food is the most healthy one, right?! i also did try to take one glass of goat milk smoothies (with fruits+yogurt) every morning..i have yet started to take one capsule of Catalyst Virgin Coconut Oil daily as well. Aside from that, i add up my supplement with Dr. Hagiwara's BarleyGreen Premium weeklyI find that by taking organic Barleygreen once a week, i am not having so much problem with bowel movement any longer. Barleygreen provides a whole lot of vitamins for you and your baby as well :) Last but not least is my most favorite of all, Earth Mama Angel  Baby Organics Third Trimester Tea. For a tea drinker like me, i would say this tea has a mild peppermint taste to it and it help me a lot to relax at night time. You can drink it hot at night or make a jug of ice tea on hot days. Not sure how its going to work as far as labor goes but they said that this tea can help to prepare your uterus for, we just have to wait and see :)

Supplements through out third trimester

Gentle Birthing Class was a great experience for me and Mr Hubs. We decided to attend the whole day class on 1 May 2014 (Labour day) to prepare ourselves for the arrival of our little peanut! We thought there will be a few more couples registered for this class, but as we arrived at the venue, we were the only couple registered for that day! Yeay, private lesson for us!! We found out about the class from Gentle birthing Malaysia  (this) website. This whole day course cost around RM220 per couple. Mrs Jaye Chan is a certified childbirth educator in Penang area. Eventhough it was just one day course, i can say that it help us a lot to understand the whole process. It did help me to be more calm and in charge of my body through out the pregnancy so far. Thanks Mr Hubs to be such a caring and supportive husband! i cant believe that you are so active throughout the course.. Mr Hubs really did try his best asking a lot of questions! i am really proud of you :)) All in all, I really do recommend Mrs Jaye's classes if you guys live around Penang area!

Praise and thanks to Allah SWT  for giving me such a great blessing... The waiting game starts now and all i can do is just pray that everything will be okay and my little peanut is still growing and healthy inside...InsyaAllah!! Come out when you are ready little one! My little peanut,

May Allah swt be with you every step that you take,

May Allah guide you with each decision you make,

May Allah help you when life gets rough,

May Allah lift you when you’ve had enough,

May Allah protect you when you fall,

May Allah hear you when you call,

May all your duas be accepted,

May you always be in Allah swt’s loving hands.

Lots of love,