July 17, 2013

Randomness: Salam Ramadan!!!

Assalammualaikum and Salam Ramadan, lovelies!

The first week of Ramadan already passed and we only have three more weeks to feel the blessing of Ramadan.Ramadan is an amazing month. There is a flow of blessings and rewards from Allah to those who truly want to reap the full benefits from these thirty days. Probably the best thing about Ramadan is the fact that each and every action is done truly for Allah and each serves to strengthen our faith in Him. I pray that Allah may not make us one of those who do not get anything from their fasts except for hunger and thirst.

It will be less than a month left before i enter a whole new life. I know that it will not going to be easy and I hope that Allah swt will give me strength, courage and a whole lot of happiness for me to explore my long awaited fairy tale life... This Ramadan will be the last Ramadan i celebrate as a single lady , InsyaAllah! Do pray for us, ok!

my normal selfie shot..lols
Shawl from Tudungpeople:p i'm obsess!!

Lots of Love,