May 1, 2010

Bitte lächeln,alte Stadt

Bitte lächeln, alte Stadt...or in english --> Say cheese, old city!!!

For the past two days, Ive been busy with photography class that i choose to participate not because i want to...but i have to. Let me put it like this, I have to choose one subject that have nothing to do with my course whatsoever in order to complete my Bachelor... It can be anything as long as the subject have no electrical matter in it . So, i decided to give photography a try, since we only have to complete this subject only for three whole days ....

Idayu, Anwar and i were pretty excited on our first day...After a short introduction,we joined the Konstanz City Tour early in the morning. The tour was very informative....the amazing thing was we discovered a lot of undiscovered path of Konstanz city..Even after more than 3 years ive been here, ive never come across those street before..wierd...Konstanz is not that big, thou!! Still, we captured a lot of pictures later that day...but we thought it would not be enough we decided to wait until sunset to capture more beautiful pictures... but then, sunset ke mana..photograph ke mana...ktorg terpesong --> menonton wayang until midnight!!! isk..isk..

FYI, Bitte lächeln, alte Stadt is the theme for the competition that we have to participate. This competition is actually open to all : Professional Photographer or even Hobby-Photographer..
You can check it out here if you are interested.
Last but not least..these are my arts...i would say ...........