December 9, 2011

Frankfurt Christmas Market 2011

One of most exciting thing in Germany before Christmas is their very famous Christmas market.Christmas market is a street market where they open one month before Christmas. Yesterday was my first time walking and experiencing the infamous Frankfurt Christmas market. Ive been to a couple Christmas market before, and i definitely would say that there is nothing special about Frankfurt Christmas market in comparison to other city in Germany.They all sell almost the same stuff from light ornament, candle holder, wool sweaters & socks, ceramic traditional house etc. But there is one thing that i love about this Christmas market in particular...They sell a lot..i mean a LOT of food over there!! From crepes, nachos, sweet corn, pop corn, heisse maroni, honey, and a lot more... i felt like buying all those food..but thankfully i managed to stop myself.. (after i felt like throwing up eating all those food) lol..

I will visit Hanover next week..and hopefully that i have time to go to their Christmas market as well.. till then!!

the infamous Langosch

light ornament

ceramic traditional house

candle holder

truly yours,