August 5, 2014

First Pregnancy: My First Ever Birth Story [Aidan Nuh]

Hello loveliess,

As I'm writing this post, i have change my status from heavily preggy woman to  happy new mama ..hiks! Apart from the sleep deprivation and always-hear-a-baby-crying-syndrome (even thou baby Aidan Nuh is sound asleep!), I am a proud and overly excited mama :))

I know its  a long overdue story, but i'm still going to share my first ever birth story!! I'm hoping my little bubba will read this when he grow up :))

So here we go...

Monday (26/05/14) : 
I am at my 38 weeks and today is my first day of maternity leaves. I had a slight fever since last Saturday and not feeling 100% myself . I need to go to my appointment with the specialist at Hospital Seberang Jaya,Pulau Pinang at 8am for follow up scan because the last scan showed my little one's abdomen circumference was quite small (four weeks behind). Alhamdulillah everything went well. But the doctor still admitted me due to the fever and low fetal movement. 

Argg... i hate sleeping in the makes the sick me even sicker! I need to wait for the empty bed from 8 AM till 2 freaking PM!! But then, during the wait, I started feeling slight cramp at my lower abdomen area and needed to go to the loo a few times... They insisted to check for the opening (VE) and the naive me said yes :( and of course i opt for a lady doctor! They didn't tell me anything after the VE and i assumed no opening yet...

Tuesday (27/05/14) :
The doctor will discharge me after my baby completed his 10 movements. But i still need to wait for Mr. Hubs until 6 PM. Around 2 PM i felt the cramping on my lower abdomen area slowly subsided but it suddenly changed to another kind of mild cramping behind my back. It became regular after a few hours and i started to time the surges.They were once every 10 minutes. I didn't take it seriously as i didn't felt bother by them.

After i got home, the surges kept on going stronger...I went to have a hot shower, performed my prayer and went straight to bed and make myself comfortable...unfortunately i cant...i dozed off a few times but the surges become more and more uncomfortable. I wouldn't said that it was painful, but definitely uncomfortable for me. I kept saying to Mr Hubs what if this is it? what if my little bubba decided to come early? what if? what if? But he just totally ignored me and slept like a baby!! Probably i didn't look like im in misery or anything.. hmphh!! I was up all night alternating between sitting on my gym ball, applying breathing technique, listening to rainbow breathing, reading and listening to surah Maryam and sujood!

Wednesday (28/05/14):
The surges didn't get any more intense but definitely regular (still once in ten minutes).Mr Hubs still insisted that it was just a braxton hicks or false alarm AGAIN (well,there is another different story)! But I decided to go to Pearl Maternity Hospital right away...After preparing all the mummy+baby stuffs plus gym ball, we drove to the hospital and reached there around 8 AM.  As i didn't have any blood show or membrane ruptured, the nurse there did not convince that i am in labor or anything and even suggested to come back later. Luckily we didn't, as to their surprise the CTG results shows that there are quite a few intense surges every ten minutes. The younger doctor did the VE and guess what? i'm already 6 cm dilated!!Both of us was totally shocked, Mr. Hubs especially! We cant believe that today is THE day! 

930 AM: After we checked-in to the room, the doc asked to break my membrane..but we first. The younger doctor came in to the room a few times for that reason, and even said that she want to break it to make sure baby didn't poo poo yet, reduce the risk of infection and bla bla bla... I even called my Dr. Sister and my Dr. Sister-in law to ask for their opinions. Doctors being doctors, they have the same opinion, which is to break it :( After almost one hour contemplating, we gave in! As a new parent,we don't want to take the risk and being selfish. A healthy baby is the most important thing after all! 

1030 AM: I was wheeled to the labor room after they break my membrane. The surges still once in ten minutes. I can still talk, laugh, eat and drink through it. I am not strap to any machine or IV drips, so i am free to move around. i am probably 7-8cm dillated so far.

I don't know whether it is the mind set thingy or what, after 15 minute laying down on the labor room bed, the surges become more and more intense. It definitely felt like someone breaking your back bone over and over again. Mr Hubs massaged and stroked my back.It doesn't reduce any pain at all but I definitely felt a whole lot more comfortable knowing your love one is there :)

1130 AM: The younger doctor did VE again and i'm fully dillated...i can push anytime if i feel the urge to push ...But I didn't have any urge to push at all.. or probably i dont know the feeling. For me it was just intense surges that come and go every couple of minutes.. But after a few surges, i am super tired and just want to get it over with already.I tried to push during the next surges eventhou there was still no urge to push. I really do hate the pushing was not only exhausting but it really depends on my mind set to really do it or give up! A strong support system was needed during this crucial time..Thank you Mr Hubs for being there for me! After a couple of pushes, an older doctor came in. We already knew that she is a nagging type doctor, but i cant believe that she nagged even more when i'm about to push!! grrr!! But thanks to her nagging, as i couldn't bare her nag even longer ...I successfully pushed my healthy 2.75kg/50cm baby boy at 1211 PM..hahah! p/s: she still nagged to Mr. Hubs as he didnt know whether to go to the baby or stay by my side..lols!!

There you go drug free and not so gentle birth story :))

Fresh from the oven: 
Aidan Nuh Bin Ahmad Fadhli

Baby Nuh is 69 days today!! He is growing so fast.. and i dont know why  i felt a bit sad when he couldn't fit in his newborn clothes anymore.. hahah!!crazy, i know!  Since a few weeks back, Aidan Nuh already know how to smile and laugh.. and of course... he couldn't stop!! He is one cheeky little milk monster!! Mama and Baba love you so much!! May you always be in Allah's loving hand :))

cheeky little Aidan Nuh :)

Lots of love,