December 29, 2010


Hari2 blog walking..but blog sendiri di abaikan..terbaiklah!

anyhoooo, mcm pejam celik pejam celik dah nk dekat 2011 kan...i didnt even realize how fast time flew by.thesis xsiap2 pon lagi!! grrr.....

Yesterday was awesome!! i know,everyone yg gi boxing day asyik bragging how cheap they got this handbag la, this shoes la and whatnot..But Idayu and i pon xnak kalah babe! Even dekat Konstanz,Germany je, berplastik2 ktorg borong!! macam rase nak buat haul video youtube gitu..but rs macam over! hahaha...nantila baru nak upload pics2 those babies yg dah di borong itu ;))

Today i feel like going out again...wearing those makeup palette yg baru beli smlm ;)) but tgk la dlo...snow xcair2 pon lagi... Mercun2 br nak dijual harini..kene gi beli cepat..takut abis..LOL!!

ok,peeps!! tchüssie!!

October 22, 2010

22 February 2010 ;)))

Finally..i remember that i have a blog to write :)

ive just finished my exams last week..exams ended at 1030am and my bus to Ravensburg(Yanie's palce) leaving at 1200pm. rushing huh? haha...i just cant stand even for one more sec to live in Konstanz or to be exact >>>my room ... ive been cramming in my room since the exams started... one freaking whole month!!!!! can you imagine that??

Anyway....a lot of things are going on around me recently...full of drama(not mine), excitement, heart breaking and of course happy - happy things as well...i forgot to tell that i have passed my electronic circuit exam!!! Alhamdulillah....i am extremely happy that i cant stop smiling even after a few days!!! Electronic circuit paper is extremely all in German!!! this kind of paper always make me regret for choosing electrical engineering at the first place ;( ive failed this exam 2 times in a row...and if i fail one more 'dead'!!! Thanks to ALLAH s.w.t, ive managed this time around ;) im sooo happy...

Last Saturday i went to Stuttgart to meet Cintaku .. yani, suhana and ayu were there as well!! the craving for KFC ended in Stuttgart as we managed to get our hand on those crunchy chicken ;)) Actually, there are few KFC in Germany serves halal chicken as their supplier is from Wiesenhof. We've been given a List of HALAL KFC in Germany and Stuttgart is one of them...Alhamdulillah...there's no need for us to wait until Summer to eat KFC in Malaysia..hihi

Then we overnight at Hajar's (without those boys,of course)... Slumber party time!!!!! i cant tell you the details ;) Thanks to Yani,Hajar,Ayu and Suhana for the lovely night!! im 24 already ..sad!

KFC entrance
From left: Apis,Yanie, Ayue,Suhana,me, Cintaku

1700pm 21 February 1020

1200 am 22 February 2010

2000pm 22 February 2010

July 21, 2010

JRice - Paralysed

currently crazy listening to this song over and over again!!!

The Deen Show - Its a way of life

Life, is either it will make you laugh and rejoice for an hour, over which you will cry for eternity (in the Hereafter) or it will make you cry for an hour, over which you will laugh and rejoice for eternity......

I just want to share this amazing website with all of you...

Hope you will get the most from this site!!!


June 25, 2010

long updates!!

O..EMM..GEE!! this will be the longest post ever!! if you are already sick of me,discontinue reading this post..but if you are not,, go on..cost you nothing,except your time :))

being an on and off blogger is in my blood and post every one or two months isnt that bad, oder??!! i'm actually in my exams week already..i dont know why, but this semester had made me to be like an extremely LAZY FAT CAT!! (why did i choose cat?i actually want to type b*#tc%, but i guess it is not very appropriate:p)

I have 3 more papers before my summer holiday...Before i wrote this post,i tried to open my notes..i flipped through my Ingineurakustik notes page by page..unfortunately,i have no idea what ive been learning throughout this semester..i couldn't concentrate either... i ended up in front of my laptop instead :))

A whole lot of things did happen to me recently...where should i begin?..hurm..let start with the fun part first...

i just move in!!!! or should i say move out? i dont know...either way, since the past 3 weeks , i have own a big coolest room ever!!! haha...xla cool sgt..but still, its so much bigger from my previous room,, and even bigger from my own room in KL!!! you guys have to come down here (KONSTANZ) if you want to find out how big it is!!! hahaha.... I have two other housemates (Bea&Sonja)..Bea is friendly and nice..but Sonja..i havent really talk with her ..i have met her a couple of time...She is a little bit "guyish" (is that really a word?) to me..He ..i mean she wear guy cloths and whatever...Anyway, both of them will be moving out soon..My future housemates will be from Poland and China...I am actually excited to meet them already.. Have i told you that my house owner have a really huge dog?My house is actually on a second floor and the owner live in a first floor..So everytime i want to get to my house, i will have to face her dog!!!! Scary huh? But after a few weeks, her dog had actually ignore me completely..i guess, it was because i didnt pay much att to him, so he hate me...hahahahah!!!!!

Actually a week before i move out, i have a chance to went to Greece with my friends...I seriously in love with GREECE!!!! no wonder so many people choose Greece as their honeymoon vacation spot!! it was totally worth every penny..eventhou we were on a tight budget, but we still having a lots of fun!!! I might (or might not ) create other post to just tell you guys about this trip :))

The most scariest moment that i always always always think about when i abroad has actually come to reality, which is losing my loved one. I hate it that i can not be there at that very momment! ive lost my beloved grandmother on 15 June 2010..I received a text message from my dad that my grandmother is already died and they were on the way to Melaka with her body to burry her there. My late grandmother, or we called her "nenek" was living with us in KL since...i dont know when..its like since forever!! Everytime before i flew back to Germany, she will cry..and said that if she
still or if she not have a chance to meet me again...unfortunately we didnt get that chance anymore :'( i miss her so bad that it hurts... she will always be in my thoughts and prayers.

May Allah honor her and grant her peace...Amin.

May 1, 2010

Bitte lächeln,alte Stadt

Bitte lächeln, alte Stadt...or in english --> Say cheese, old city!!!

For the past two days, Ive been busy with photography class that i choose to participate not because i want to...but i have to. Let me put it like this, I have to choose one subject that have nothing to do with my course whatsoever in order to complete my Bachelor... It can be anything as long as the subject have no electrical matter in it . So, i decided to give photography a try, since we only have to complete this subject only for three whole days ....

Idayu, Anwar and i were pretty excited on our first day...After a short introduction,we joined the Konstanz City Tour early in the morning. The tour was very informative....the amazing thing was we discovered a lot of undiscovered path of Konstanz city..Even after more than 3 years ive been here, ive never come across those street before..wierd...Konstanz is not that big, thou!! Still, we captured a lot of pictures later that day...but we thought it would not be enough we decided to wait until sunset to capture more beautiful pictures... but then, sunset ke mana..photograph ke mana...ktorg terpesong --> menonton wayang until midnight!!! isk..isk..

FYI, Bitte lächeln, alte Stadt is the theme for the competition that we have to participate. This competition is actually open to all : Professional Photographer or even Hobby-Photographer..
You can check it out here if you are interested.
Last but not least..these are my arts...i would say ...........

April 28, 2010

Room hunting --> headache!!!

Ive been studying here in Konstanz,Germany for over 3 years now. Apart from 6 months my internship in Zürich, ive been living in the same apartment, same room but different housemate in Konstanz throughout the years. I know, some student didnt like to live in the same house for a long time...Maybe they want a change of air or more likely a change of surrounding..i dont know.. but for me, i like it here...even the room is a little bit small for the price i paid, it is pretty comfortable..Unfortunately, i was force to move out , the end of August. My extension contract was sad is that!! I plan to move out early June, because i will busy with my exams in June and July..and of course August is my Malaysia Summer Holiday!! i could not sacrifice that!! Auf jeden Fall, i have to move out this June!!!!

i hate wasting my time searching for was and will never be easy to find a decent room with affordable price here in Konstanz ;( Actually ive already got an offer for a really big room...25m²,10mins bicycle ride to my University,near Kaufland, near City Center... but there are 3 Problems :
  1. There will be 4 People living in that house, and there will be 1 Chinese guy ;(
  2. The House owner has a dog...even though the dog will never be anything near our house, he will be running around the garden where the entrance door is ;( i hate dogs!!
  3. The rent is 300€ + 10€ internet...mahal x?...
Anyway, i will have another house appointment this coming Saturday for a cheaper house,14m² with a store room inside the cool is that ;)) ..which is around 250€ ..But im not sure weather im gonna get this house or not...optimistic babe!!

Scholar dah masuk!! im making a list how to spent my scholar this time ;)) hahaha...But still, i still have to save some for my Greece trip!! Havent i told you yet that im going to Greece this Pfingsten holiday?!!! yeay!!!!

Suddenly i miss my brother,Azryl...sob..sob :(

Azryl and his Mac ..kecik2 dah main mac kan...isk..isk..bdk2 zaman skunk ;))

March 4, 2010


For the past few days I feel like I'm slowly spiraling further and further into my own little world.I feel like I'm suffocating inside my own room.I cant breathe. But still, i don't feel like going out..Its cold, windy...arggghhh... I have seen winter enough already! i thought i can already said goodbye to winter and say welcome to spring...But it seems that snow will keep coming back....I didn't say that i hate just that i hate the cold ;) Supposedly, I should be thankful that I'm still alive even though I'm suffocating...hmmm

Thanks to the ice skating on Friday and snowboarding trip last Sunday ,my body aches to the point where I can't even cough or even laugh(its not that im laughing all by myself in my room..loser giler)! I don't know why i joined the snowboarding trip with knowing that i dont know how to ride the snowboard yet..haha...but, i didn't regret it though! i thought of going snowboarding again this coming Saturday..we'll see ;)

Anyway, I hope tomorrow will be a better day...InsyaAllah!!!

Aimi and i

Idayu, Aimi and i

-missing my Cintaku..cepat la balik -

February 1, 2010

Exam mode.....

Quick Post :

My sem 6 challenge officially starts tomorrow....until 19 Feb 10...
i wish the exam period will be over sooner...pfft... sangat xlarat nk study dah!!!!

anyway, i want to wish all the best for ur coming exams to all my beloved friends .... chaiyo2!!!

If we strive to be the best Insyaallah success will be there...


January 8, 2010

O Allah..Please Forgive me!!!!!

O Allah, O Karim,
Please have mercy on me,

O Allah, O Karim,
Please forgive me for the sins I committed in the past
And those I will commit in the future.

O Allah,
Have mercy on all the Muslimeen,
And guide them.
Guide me O Allah,
And guide my parents,
My siblings, my cousins,
My aunts and uncles,
My nephews and nieces and so forth.

O Allah,
I ask You to strengthen my iman and those around me.
I ask You to soften my heart
And to soften the hearts of the believers.

O Allah,
Forgive me for my shortcomings, for only You are perfect.

O Allah,
Please forgive me if I ever got too wrapped in a matter
That I didn’t have time to utter Your name.

O Allah,
Please forgive me for all the salat I missed
Because of ignorance or laziness,
Please forgive me for all the fasts I didn’t make up,
Thinking it was “alright, since I fasted most of the days anyway”.

O Allah,
Please forgive me
For the pound I never dropped into the metal cup for the homeless man begging on the street.

O Allah,
Please spark the love of Islam in my heart and in the hearts of every single Muslim
Until it gets implanted in their children and their children’s children and so on.

O Allah,
I ask that You help me for I am weak
And will only grow stronger by Your strength,
So Allah please strengthen me
To fight Shaytaan and his whispers.
And if I ever fell into his trap
And followed my desirer,
Then sincerely forgive me,
For that displays not only my weakness,
But Your greatness as well.

O Allah,
Please lighten the punishment in the grave
For those before us and those after us.
Please Allah, lighten the punishment
And please shed light into every Muslim’s grave.

O Allah,
If I ever was too afraid
To stand up for Your deen
Because of what others would think
Then forgive me, for I was a fool for doing so.

O Allah,
Please protect me and each Muslim,
And protect especially the orphans and the widows.

O Allah,
Please strengthen the faith
Of the destitute Muslims around the world,
So they have hope to live.

O Allah,
If I ever forgot to do dua for even one suffering Muslim,
Then forgive me for then it is, as I haven’t done dua for the entire ummah.

O Allah,
Please be the light of my eyes, ears and heart.

O Allah,
Please be the light on the sides of me
And the light behind me
And the light in front of me.

O Allah,
Please forgive me
For all the foul words I spoke
Either out of ignorance or
Because I was trying to be “cool”.

O Allah,
Please forgive me
If I never stopped to think about You,
Due to “other important things”

O Allah,
Please forgive me
For not having enough time
Or creating time for reading the Quran.

O Allah,
Please forgive me
For listening to music
And watching movies and t.v.

O Allah,
Please forgive me
For all the yelling I’ve done
And the arguments I’ve been in.
For the only time
The voice should be raised
Is for Your praises!

O Allah,
Please forgive me
For my disrespect towards my family,
Elders, siblings and so on.

O Allah,
Please forgive me for any backbiting I have been accused of,
Whether I did it consciously or unconsciously.

O Allah, Rab al-Alamin,
Forgive me,
Forgive me for everything.
So for everyone,
Every single Muslim,
Dead or alive,
I do dua that You forgive them for all their sins.

O Allah,
Please please please
Help the suffering Muslims
of Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnya,
Bosnia, Gujarat, Nigeria,
Iraq, Afghanistan and everywhere around the world.
Please O Allah, make the Mujahideen victorious,
And let the beauty of Islam reign!

O Allah, give victory to the Muslims!
O Allah, please let true Islam reign!
O Allah, please increase our knowledge of Your deen and this world.

O Allah,
Please help us all and guide us,
For You are everything to us.

O Allah,
I cannot stress how much I ask for Your forgiveness and Your guidance.

O Allah,
I fear You
I fear You soooo much words cannot describe.
I fear the day when I will meet You,
And I WILL meet You.
When we are one on one,
And I have no one’s help or support.
No one can take the blame for me
Nor I for them.
The only thing I will have
Is a little book given to me by You
That has my deeds.

O Allah,
Please forgive me for my thoughts,
For even though I get sinned for my actions,
I cannot help but feel guilty for my thought
And I ask You to forgive me for them
And to clear my mind of any impurities
Until You become the only thing on my mind.

O Allah,
Please forgive me
If I ever did anything out of gain
For this life and not for Your pleasure.
If I did anything to “show off”
Then please forgive me for that.

O Allah,
I do dua that You grant us all God-fearing spouses
And grant us righteous children.

O Allah,
I do dua that You continue to strengthen this ummah until the Day of Resurrection.

O Allah,
Forgive me for whatever I have not mentioned,
For I am bound to forget
…but You,
through Your greatness…
You never forget.

O Allah,
Please grant all the Muslims Jannah-tul-Firdaus.

O Allah,
I ask that You shed Your mercy
On all the Prophets (peace be upon them)
And on all the Angels (peace be upon them).
Lastly, I do dua
You shed Your mercy
On the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him),
His family and companions.
I do dua that You grant Muhammad
The highest station in paradise.

Rabinna Aataina
Fiduniya Hasinathow
Wa Fil Akhirati Hasinathow,
Wakina Adhab innar


-Slave of Allah-

January 7, 2010

New Year with a new space !!!

Goodbye 2009 ...Welcome 2010!!!!!!!

Ive decided to create a new blog for blog per year...interesting isnt? haha.....

3 more freaking weeks before my final Exams and i havent start anything yet ;(

Ya Allah..give me a lot of strength and concentration so that i can focus on my exams!!! all my readers..cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right

hugs :)