February 20, 2013

Fitness: myfitnesspal obsession

hi loveliessss,

i know how lazy i am to write a post or even check my own blog.. i am not a commited person when it comes to blogging. But well, its my own freaking blog...i can write whenerver i want , right? err..right?

Oh well, i am now obsessing over something that some of my friends will not even surprise if i told them about it..hahah....calorie counting!!! I know..i know..its cray cray kannn... ive been a wanna be health freak since...since ...ever since i can remember..but the only problem is i love food soooo much and it hurts if i can only imagine about them and not really eating those delish fantabulos dish!!

Last January, my sister recommended  Myfitnesspal app which i obviously  as a wannabe health freak had heard and registered before and not motivated enough to continue with it. It is a free calorie counting app..as simple as it sound, we just have to record every single junks that we ate throughout the day.. The apps will automatically calculate it for you how much calorie you should take if you want to lose, maintain or even gain weight. It even count how much calorie have you burn if you workout or anything...

For me, at 171cm height and at 55 kg weight, its not about losing weight or anything, but it doesnt hurt to lose couple of kgs ;) ok..its a lie..i want to lose 2 -3 kg before my big day! 2-3 kg do not seems much to some of you..but for me, ive been the same weight since the last 10 years...so 2-3 kg is a big deal for me..just saying...

Its been a month now, and i could see the change in my choice of food. Im leaning towards more leafy green stuff as i can eat more of those but still didnt add up much to my calorie intake....

It do help sooo much if you do this thing with a few friends..so far, ive recruited my friend tikah and my abah as well..and now they are obsessing over calorie counting and working thier ass off as well...hahaha...i even built my own home gym thingy where i bought yoga matt, stability ball, dumbbell and even resistance band....semangat!!!

This apps really motivates me to make a healthy choices when it comes to food!! i dont know how long will i commit to keep on tracking my calorie intake..but i do hope it will last long enuff!!!

So...come on guys...it doesnt even cost one cent...ive been thinking to write more about healthy eating and living....we'll see about that when the time comes..hahahah