October 3, 2013

Wedding: How I Met Him

Hello my lovelies,

I cant believe that i am now a married woman.Its been a little over a month already and i am happy as i can be. No...i am over the moon! hahaha... It was a dream come true for me, a dream which i'm living out right up to this day and the day after that....and the day after that...and InsyaAllah till Jannah!

I've known Fadhli (my hubby obviously) since the late of 2004 during our A-Level preparation in INTEC, Shah Alam. We were in a different class, so we didnt have a chance to really talk to each other or anything. I am positive that he didnt even knew im existed. But i do ocassionally joking around (without really meant it ) with my friends saying that i like a quiet/nice guy like him :p  But we ended up not noticing each other up until we were in Germany early 2007. 

We were among 50++ JPA scholars when we first landed in Frankfurt, Germany. We spent our January 2007 in Konstanz learning about German's cultures. I started to notice him a little bit then... and after the cultural course, all of us were seperated into 3 groups for our technical language course. And guess what?? Fadhli and i were in the same group, and our group need to move to Frommern, Germany.

Frommern is a small and remote village. The closest train station is 15 minutes walking from where we stayed. Every morning we have to walk all the way to the train station to get to the university. One fine morning, i dont remember how we ended up walking together. It was such a comfortable conversation without trying to hard :p Without even realising it, we were naturally waiting for each other every morning to get to the train station.. *such a memories..sobs*

In April 2007, more than ten of us were planning to visit Prague together as our first europe trip since we've been in Germany. I was excited to join the trip when i knew Fadhli was also joining the trip as well.* Later, i knew that he joined the trip because i decided to join!! haha..cheesy, much?* I count that as our first of many trips together :)) During our last night in Prague 09.04.2007, he gave me a beautiful black crystal bracelet and asked me to be his girlfriend *Awww moment* how sweet can he be,right? He is such a sweetheart..isn't he?hahah! And the rest is history :)

This coming 09.10.2013 will be our 78th monthsary and i am thrill to bits to continue my life journey with him :) 

1. Our first photo together in Konstanz. It was when we didnt really knew each other yet. As i am being me, I asked him to take a photo with me.*Perempuan xtahu malu* And as he being him, of course he didnt even remember when we took this picture! ciss!!

2. Our first Aidilfitri together in Konstanz, Germany :) Its been soooo long ago and suddenly i feel so old! yikes!! Picture credit to Fizi.. You know who you are..hahah

3. During his last visit  in Frankfurt, Germany. Thank you for always being there to help me deal with a lot of stuffs!! :))

4. Our Engagement photos!! Muka x berape nk semenggah..hahah!! 
Make up by : Zaifie Zainal

That is all i can share with you lovelies...let the rest be our precious little secret :) I'm sure you have better and of course beautiful story of your own. I love to hear all about it!!:))

I will share my wedding day story in another post, either you guys interested or not...hahahahha!!!

"Let us make our love special by doing small things with great affection."

Lots of love,



crono said...

lovely post my wife... i feel like i want to repeat our history all over again...

Syahida Ismail said...

Amad n wife~ tahniah atas perkahwinan kalian. Moga cinta korg kekal smpi syurga <3 amad is one for the good guys kat sekolah mmg calon suami mithali ni hihi tahniah awak~~~

Chybee said...

Auww sweet. Seb baik amad make a move cepat. Kalau x melepas. Heee... aku rse mcm br semalam krun cite psl ko n korg kenal each other. It's been years. I'll pray for both of u to be together till Jannah ;)

P/s: sorry selalu jd 3rd wheel korg ble travel together. Haha...but I'm glad to see ur relationship grew with my own eyes. Retis sgt ada fan!