July 3, 2015

Recipe: My Simple Chocolate Cookies Recipe

Hey lovelies,

We are about halfway through the Islamic month of Ramadan, which is the holiest period on the Islamic calendar.I love Ramadhan and the feeling of closeness it brings. Closeness to Allah, closeness to the family and closeness to the people around us Muslims and Non- Muslims included.I'm a little bit sad as of how fast this month goes by but at the same time i'm quite excited as Eid-ul-fitri is just around the corner. That being said... i am excited to share with you guys my recipe that i adapted from Tanya Burr's website.

So here is my take on My Chocolate Cookies:

Ingredients bellow are to make around 25 rather medium size cookies. So,you will need..

200g butter (room temperature)

200g caster sugar 
1 large egg
275g self-raising flour
75g cocoa powder
a little dash of milk 
a large bar of milk chocolate (Fruit&Nut types)
a large bar of white chocolate ( i didn't use any)


1. Heat your oven around 180C. If you use mini oven, 170C should be enough.

2. Mix butter and sugar with a mixer until they are smooth.
3. Put in your egg into the mixture and mix well.
4. Stir the dry ingredients (Green colour) together and pour into the wet ingredients (Red colour).
5. Use your hand to mix both of the mixture together. Add in a little milk if the mixture is too dry.
6. Break up your chocolate bar (Purple colour) and mix the together in the mixture.
7. Make a small ball out of the mixture and lay them on a parchment paper.
8. Pop in the oven (mini oven please use the lowest rack) strictly for 10 minutes and not more!Let them cool on a cookie rack.

There you have it! The texture is amazing! It is almost like eating a cookie and a brownie at the same time. Crunchy on the outside and soft inside. You got the best of both world, i would say! If you love dark chocolate, definitely go out of your way to add more dark chocolate bar into the mixture. And if you like sweets, i would recommend to add more on the sugar part (50g-100g more). But this recipe is perfect for my taste as those chocolate bars are already as sweet as they can be :)

Lots of love,


July 2, 2015

Review: My Skincare Routine (Day)

Hey lovelies,

I used to be a skincare freak. I took care of my skin better than my teeth...yeah i said it! Judge me people! Judge! I dont know since when I've turned into this crazy skincare freak lady. Kind of like a crazy cat lady, but instead of cats laying around all over my house, i have overflowing skincare products in every drawer..hahaha! I'm sure i get the eye rolls from friends when i'm offering them such-and such product to cure such-and-such ...hhahaha

Pfff what do they know, anyway.

I have normal to dry skin. I'm thankful that my skin didn't give me a lot of trouble all this while..but whenever i got a zit, i would freak out and go out of my way to get a new product to clear them ASAP! As if i don't have a bunch of acne treatment products in my drawer already *roll eyes*

But since i've become a mother, i become totally a different person (*skincare wise*). I didnt even realize that my cleanser is running out..and the scarriest part is that i don't even bother to buy it ASAP. I just use Aidan's shower gel to wash my face..to that extend people! Help me!

Whatever it is, i found a new routine that works for me. It didnt includes too many steps as before, but i definitely 100% sure that my skin is loving it right now. So lets jump right in to it:

Day time routine 

Cleanser :  The Body Shop Facial Cleansing Polish

I love using this early in the morning because the fragrance is so incredibly refreshing. The scent of orange peel combining with the sweet chemical smell which i cant recall. hahah! I like it also because it contains micro-beads in it which act as a scrub to make your face smoother and eventually brighter i suppose :p

Toner: Hada Labo Mild Peeling Lotion

I have nothing much to say about this toner. I do not hate it but i also definitely do not love it either. It is just a so-so product for me. It have become a habit for me to use a toner before i moisturize. So any toner will do for me.. I welcome any suggestion if you guys have any good product to recommend :)

Moisturize: Life-Flo Pure Rosehip Seed Oil

One word. Life changing! I used to struggle with my dull looking skin, shine marks on my cheeks and dry patches cling on my nose.... But it seems like putting this oil on my face has totally balanced things out. I no longer have those problem anymore. This oil got to be my permanent part of my skincare routine.. Im obsessed!!!

Sunscreen: Hada Labo Air Aqua UV Day Emulsion

The most important part of the day! Put on your sunscreen guys! If you dont have it, please please buy it! I dont want to recommend any sunscreen product as i am sure after i run out of this, ill make sure ill buy a different brand..hahah! But this is a good product. Very light weight hence the name. I think it would be suitable for oily and combination skin as well as it didnt have any oily feeling to it. i will sure  recommend it if you want to try a simple and non sticky sunscreen product :P

That's it guys! it is that simple! Salam Ramadan!

Lots of Love


May 30, 2015

Aidan Nuh: You will always be my first! [Happy First Birthday Aidan Nuh]

Dear my cutie pie Aidan Nuh, It has been my greatest privilege to be called your mother this past year. I don’t know how many times throughout the day i pause and look at you and think, “he belongs to me??? how did i get so lucky?” Holding you in my arms is still one of my favorite things to do and I can’t believe it’s been one year! 

I barely remember you that tiny – so cute and kissable right from the start. 

Alhamdulillah, Aidan's cant wait to see the world and he was born on 28 May 2014 [2.75kg@50cm]. Interested to read my birth story? Click here!

You are the first one to make me forget about myself. You are the first person i ever said "I love you" to more than 100 times in a day. You are the first person whose nose i wiped and poo i washed. You are the first person i ever want to spend all of my money to. You are the first person i ever care more than my life.

I'm sorry for all the mistakes that i have done, like letting you roll off the bed onto the floor, letting you played by yourself when i was too tired to even get up, giving you junk food whenever i'm too lazy to cook.

Just remember that mama and baba love you so much!



May 7, 2015

Aidan Nuh: My Bittersweet BFJourney!

Hey lovelies,

Salam Jumaat and Happy Friyay!!!

Aidan Nuh is almost ONE year young!!! 3 more weeks to go!!

So here is Aidan's almost first year breastfeeding report! I don't really want to write about this.. but i think, for memory sake..i need..or i should jot it down somewhere, right?

And now the hardest part begin! My breastfeeding journey! I know that not every mommy had it that simple! And i am one of them -_-  Aidan was and still latches effortlessly but due to his small mouth at that time, i suffered a whole lot!! I screamed and bite my lips so hard  every time he wanted to latch. There was countless nights that i couldn't sleep as he wanted to latch all night long! I cried so much inside! My parents kept saying it was because i didn't produce enough milk whatnot whatnot..but i choose to bear with it as long as i could.

Things didn't get any better when he was diagnosed with jaundice on his 6th days. His reading was so high and the doctor asked to admit him for the UV light therapy, Since it was a breastfeeding friendly hospital, i can room in with him. He was not happy the whole time we were there. I started to use my breast pump for the first time at the hospital so that he can bottle-feed while receiving the treatment. Oh boy, i was sooo stress tahap dah nk meroyan gitu! Stress because of his reading kept going up and it double up when i could not pumped enough milk for him! And obviously lead me to do something stupid that i could not forgive myself , like forever!! I DILUTED my breast milk with a little bit of MINERAL WATER! Ya Allah!! Please forgive me!! I was wrong! I just could not bare to see him crying! I did it ONCE and just a few drop of water but i seriously could not forgive myself for that :( Alhamdulillah, Aidan was OK! But still.. it was something that i regret doing :( [Psst, I didn't tell anyone about this either]

Things just getting harder as his jaundice continued for 2 months of his life. Doctor had ruled out all the harmful cause as they diagnose it as  BREASTFEEDING JAUNDICE..I thought i can breath for a second but out of nowhere i was diagnosed to have Hand Foot Mouth Disease during Aidan's first month! I cant direct feed Aidan as usual as i'm afraid he will get it as well. So,my breastpump and i became best of friend for a week-ish :( I tried my best to pump every 2 hours so that Aidan's could get enough but unfortunately the infamous block duct come and get me! Oh my...what a harsh start for my breastfeeding journey! I still didn't reach to the point where Aidan's puke blood all over me and we rushed to emergency department! And it turned out he was fine but my (.)(.) were NOT :( haih!!

Things turn out a little bit better after my confinement period. Even though i'm not an oversupply mommy, I'm not a low supply either. I'm happy enough with my 'cukup-makan' supply. I started working after my 2nd months and my pumping routine was and still 3 times daily. Once in the car on the way to work [8-830], once after lunch [1245-1315], and once in the car on my way back from work [1730-1800]. I did skipped lunch pumping session once in awhile, but i will try to make up for it by pumping longer for my next session. So far this routine works for me! Try to find your own routine which fits you most!

I had set my goal but i'm not quite sure if i ever going to make it. Alhamdulillah! I've almost reach the first half of my goal! In Sya Allah, i'll work harder for the second half!! Thank you so much to my ultimate supporter, Mr Hubby who help me to push it through! Thank you for waking up early every morning just to wash and sterilize all the bottles.Thank you for putting up with all my craving [mind you, my craving during breastfeeding are much more worst than pregnancy period..hahah]. Thank you for everything..even though your nagging hurt my eardrum so much..i still love you! :)

To all mommies out there, I am 100% sure that we are trying our best for our kids no matter how judgmental everyone surround us would be! Keep strong!! You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have!

Lots of Love,


May 6, 2015

Randomness: Transcending scarcity, envy, and spendy, because, money matters!

Hey lovlies,

Nowadays with the rising of our cost of living in Malaysia, we should have more awareness on how we can spend and generate more income. I came across one article today by Ellen Powers, founder of Money Matters and i find it interesting enough to share her tips on how to spend wisely. 

By Ellen Powers, founder of Money Matters

Here are 10 tips I want to share with you on how you might transcend scarcity, envy, and spendy too:

  1. Ask yourself, “really?!” every time you open your wallet for wants vs. needs. Can
    the money you are reaching for do more good in your life elsewhere if you
    protected it?
  2. Don’t live beyond your means. Learn to love living well below your means. It’s
    cooler. No one really cares if your kitchen tile is a custom imported hand cut
    stone from Italy.
  3. Ignore the flashy spending others do. Create a financial goals timeline even on the
    back of a cocktail napkin for starters. If envy strikes, review your goals.
  4. Log in to your retirement savings account and look at what’s in there, look at how
    much is going in from each paycheck, look at where it’s going and how those
    investments are doing, ask yourself if they are balanced and are serving you
    well or if they’re costing you and keeping you up at night. Don’t look at it
    every day. Just often enough.
  5. Ask yourself can I be saving more and in more places? I actually save over 25% of
    my gross income annually. You may need to save more or less. Start with what
    you can afford and then up it every year. And save at work if you can, and
    beyond work if you can.
  6. Keep a long-term perspective. Don’t give up too soon. And know that it’s never too
    soon or too late to start. I’ve seen my regular, consistent contributions build
    up over time and compound. Compounding is a magical thing, but the magic takes
    time, patience, and consistency.
  7. Think about how you can protect your savings, your assets, and your income. That
    means insure yourself adequately. Lots of ways to do that.
  8. Ask for help. Really ask and seek out help. 
  9. Remember, no one will ever care about your money as much as you do. Make at least as much time for your own financial planning checkups, as you do your vacation planning.
  10. Be well. It just costs less.

Because, your money matters!

Lots of Love,


April 9, 2015

Randomness: Happy 8th years, Schatzie!!

Picture taken on Nov 2011 @ Frankfurt, Germany

Today eight years ago, 9 April 2007 ... 

We were on our very first Euro trip with a big group of ALG 8 clan.. I can still remember clearly..We were in the middle of Prague city walking around with all the others exploring the city... I was so nervous waiting for you to find the right time and words to ask me out for a fine dinner together.

We had our dinner date at one fine restaurant with a minimal conversation. You seems loss of words the whole time we were there...after the dinner date I wanted to join the others but you asked me to stop by KFC to have another conversation. You gave me a black crystal bracelet (I lost it already) and asked if you could be the one for me. I didn't gave any answer that night. Hahah! Sorry for that!

But since that day, we grew a lot together..you have always be there for me...supporting me with all my crazy goals and dreams (Master's, Engineer and now PruBSN Takaful Agent.. haha)...

Thank you for being such a darling husband, a crazy best friend and amazing daddy to Aidan Nuh :) I love you even on the days I don't like you very much - but today is a special day..let's celebrate the best of both of us. Let's grow even older together! Insya Allah! 

Happy 8th years, Schatzie! Muah muah!

March 8, 2015

Aidan Nuh: 7 - 9 Months Postpartum Update

Hey lovelies,

Baby Aidan Nuh is 9.5 months young!!

I know its cliche, but i just couldn't believe how fast time flies!! like seriously you guys!! how come he grow up that fast? i still remember clearly how small he was on his first day and now...look at him!! he is  crawling and cruising everywhere! MashaALLAH.. I am truly grateful to you,Ya ALLAH!!

Believe it or not, it is actually the most busiest 9 months of my life, hands down! How on earth my parents took care of us six siblings??? I love you Mak and Abah!! Now that i am a parent, i slowly understand that parenting is about being the best mom or dad we can be to our kids. There is no straightforward manual for raising kids.. so Mr Hubs and I are trying our best!! So, no judgement here please!

9 Months
  • His weight didn't change and still a healthy 10.3 kg baby.
  • I can proudly say that he is still 100% breastfed baby.
  • He had his 5th teeth. (upper)
  • He can stand on his own for a few second.
  • He will call me "mama" when he needs me.
  • He can babble a few words such as "baba" , "nene", "tete", etc
  • Banana and mandarin orange are his favorite fruits.
  • He hates barley puree. or anything puree! He just want what we adult eat! *sigh* Please dont grow up tooooo fast!!
  • He still haven't sleep through the night,thou. (now you know where i got those panda eyes)
  • Overall, he is an active baby :)

8 Months
  • A whooping 10.3 kg baby.
  • He had his 3rd and 4th teeth with high grade fever before those teeth came out.
  • He started to recognize people faces. So he will cry if unfamiliar faces pick him up.
  • He was afraid of the ocean. (ombak jahat!)
  • He was easily entertained. (#mudahterhibur)
  • He loves his teething biscuits. We can now have our quite dinner outside :)
  • By this month, he totally hates it if we put him in his playpen or we called it "penjara baby".
  • Well, if  jumping on the same spot could be consider as dancing. He totally likes to dance. 

7 Months
  • I think he is around 9.8 kg. I forgot to weight him, thou :)
  • He had his 1st and 2nd teeth without any fever.
  • He loves his puree! By this months, i have introduced him with white peach, apple, pear, plum,carrot,pumpkin, mango,sweet potato, sweet peas, spinach, brown rice, barley and oats.
  • Since he started to crawl at 6 months young, by this month..he is an avid crawler! crawling everywhere like he just don't care!! Sometimes i just let him be as long as  he didn't crawl into the bathroom or into the kitchen!
  • Since Baba Aidan loves to blow on Aidan's tummy, he kept on blowing mama's tummu whenever he got the chance! Cheeky boy!!
I cant wait for his other first time skills..
Insya Allah i will do another update when he turns 1! Please bear with me ok?! :)

Lots of Love,

Aidan Nuh: 0 - 6 Months Postpartum Update

Hey lovelies,

I have been meaning to write this, but i keep putting it off for several reasons..

Today i manage to squeeze an update for Aidan's first 6 months of his life! I'm not gonna lie that - at first, i didn't expect my life would totally change after i had him. But in all my honesty..everything...i mean EVERYTHING change!! My priorities changes, my bedtime routine changes, my skincare routine changes and even my diet changes!!  Alhamdulillah everything change for the better, InsyaAllah!! And thank you Mr Hubs for always be there for me even when i'm turning into Godzilla at times ..hiks!!

So without further ranting, here we go :

6 Months

  • A whooping healthy 9.3 kg baby.
  • Officially reach 6 months goal of 100% breastfeeding. 1.5 years to go, InsyaAllah! 
  • He started to crawl and sit on his own!! i'm a proud mama!
  • He started his first solid with avocado puree and he loves it!
  • He was very quiet around unfamiliar faces. I got myself a shy baby i would say :) 

5 Months
  • He was 8.6 kg and 66 cm.
  • And because he was a champ roller, this month was his first time fell out of bed :( 
  • His first word is baba!! *Sigh!!* 
  • He can sit with support by this month.
  • He started to push himself with both hands to move from one point to another. But he still doesn't know how to make use of his leg, thou.

4 Months

  • He was 7.65 kg and 63 cm.
  • His first roll on his tummy! Mama was and still proud of you!!
  • Aidan met new friends as we changed a new babysitter because the first one turned out to be an OCD freak!! 

3 Months

  • He was 6.8 kg on his third months checkup, 62 cm long.
  • His newborn milia was completely gone by this month.
  • He started to roll on his side but not completely on his tummy.
  • He hated tummy time, but which baby doesn't, right? hiks!
  • Mama needed to go to work this month, so his first time left with his baby sitter.
  • He started to love the bouncer and we ended up buying another one to leave it at babysitter house.

2 Months

  • He was 5.2 kg on his second months checkup. 60.5 cm long.
  • Still jaundice but it slowly went away by the end of the month.
  • He hated his bouncer. Period.
  • He still smile, giggle and laugh in his sleep but slowly started to smile when he was awake.
  • Still a big eater! Can't stop latching when he was awake!

1 Months

  • He was 3.75 kg on his one month checkup, and 57 cm long.
  • We have tried sun bath, Chinese herb bath and chives leaves bath but he was still jaundice.
  • He will only smile, giggle and laugh in his sleep.
  • His awake time usually because he was hungry. And he latched-on up to two hours at times!

0 Months
  • He was born at Pearl Maternity Hospital, Penang at 12:11 pm
  • Fresh from the oven at 2.75 kg and 50 cm long.
  • He was born with newborn milia all over his face. But the doctor said its normal. We just wipe his face with warm water everyday.
  • Jaundice started on day 4-5 and admitted on day 6 for 2 days.The doctor diagnosed it as breast milk jaundice, so we got nothing to worry about. 

That's all from Mama Aidan. Ill update more in my next post!
Pinky promise! :)

Lots of Love,