June 22, 2016

Second Pregnancy : Birth Story

Assalammualaikum lovelies,

How's Ramadan treating you so far ? I hope everyone is doing just fine.Alhamdulillah, baby Daris and I are doing good..or should I say great! He is almost 8 weeks now and chubby than ever! Alhamdulillah,all thanks to Allah SWT for his blessing! The labor& birth process was a quick and smooth one I would say but it could go the other way if we a tad bit late...FYI, this will be a long post with all my rambling!So lets hop straight to the story,shall we?

30 April 2016

I started my maternity leaves for a couple of days already since Tuesday.My plan was to walk around shopping mall all day everyday to kick start the labor but instead I was  busy preparing my "nest" for my soon-to-arrive baby. I washed all the baby's clothes ( I did washed it a few weeks before!), brushed both of our bathrooms, organized our kitchen,vacuuming the floor and all sort of domestic stuffs.Of course I didnt forget to count baby's kick. I noticed he didnt reached 10 kicks by 8 pm. Although I can still felt his movement after that, it was not his usual strong rolls and wiggles . Im a little concern but since we have our 38 weeks appointment with Dr Voon tomorrow, we decided to wait. (Pls dont wait if you were ever in the same situation!!)

31 April 2016

I have my regular weekly (38 weeks) checkup. Eventhough my due date is not for another 2 weeks, I did bring along my hospital bag,just in case. After I mentioned regarding the kick, Dr Voon did a quick VE and sent me up for a CTG test to check baby's heartbeat & uterus contraction.I was only 1-2cm dilated. I guess it's been that way for awhile now. The CTG came out ok. The baby's heartbeat was a bit low, but still in a normal range. Dr Voon suggested for an induction right away to eliminate any harm to the baby.. But after giving it some thoughts and discussed it further with her, we decided to wait and come back if the kicks count is less than 10 again tomorrow.

Did I mentioned, we dont have any birth plan whatsoever? Yes, I opt for a drug free and stress free labour process..but we dont want to pressure ourselves if things didnt go as what we planned :-)

1 May 2016

We went for a jog in the morning around 830 am. Aidan was so excited to jog around the park. Im glad that he did enjoy the jog as he was super clingy and moody for the past couple of weeks. Im sure he knew whats coming :-)

After the jog we went to the pasar pagi for a quick round. I was exhausted but I forced myself to walk!! That is how desperate I am for the labour to start!  Hahah.. (mama dh xlarat bawak perut)...I even bought a mini pineapple and planned to eat it all, which I didnt!

We got back home around 11ish... All of us were extremely tired and we slept! Probably around 1pm I woke up and started to feel a bit of discomfort around my tummy area. I asked Mr Hubs to cut the pineapple for me..you know, to get things started :-) It was not regular..So it doesnt bother me that much.

At 5pm..The discomfort kept on coming and last about 1 minute each round. I thought it was another braxton hicks episodes but those surges doesnt stop. Eventhough it's not painful,I dont want to take a risk knowing our first birth was quite a quick one.

Our worse nightmare  came true when we checked our WAZE. There had been an accident which involved 8 cars on the first Penang bridge! Ohmy! I panicked and even thinking to take the ferry! Our hospital was in Georgetown while we live in Mainland. Mr Hubs said we just need to 'redah' the first bridge once and for all. We started our journey to the hospital around 6 ish pm (after sending off Aidan to his nanny).

My last belly shot a few minutes before we went to the hospital :-)

Contractions was timed while I was in the car.

We arrived at the hospital around 7 ish pm..Alhamdulillah the accident was cleared up! They sent me straight to the labour room on a wheel chair! It was quite weird to have someone pushing you on a chair while you can still walk..but it's ok..no harm done.After changing to the hospital gown,they did a VE and strap me to the CTG machine again. I was around 4-5cm dilated by then. Mr Hubs went to surau for his maghrib prayer.

Around 8.20 pm, Dr Voon came and give me a few options and I opt for her to break my waterbag right away.It was a quick procedure,and POP! There goes my water EVERYWHERE!

And here comes the fun part! The surges become rapidly stronger after the waterbag burst.. And there she was ...one old nurse that keep on bugging me with all kind of questionnaire to complete her form.I was in agony, and she didnt even care -____-  After she completed the form, she had the nerve to ask me whether I needed gas or not???!! And guess what? I said YES!! Haha!! At that point if she ask whether I need epidural or not, or even c-sec I might say yes as well!! Oh my! And happy gas it is! Im not sure whether it helped or not..but it did helped me to keep my hand busy just to hold the gas mask! Mr Hubs was rubbing my back and at the same time reciting surah Yassin beside me. And of course his reading was interrupted everytime the surges started..haha..sorry :-)

Alhamdulillah at 9:13pm, I safely delivered my baby with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck! A cord around the neck is one of many things mothers-to-be fear about childbirth. The thought of my baby being 'strangled' by the umbilical cord was unbelievably scarry. Thats explained the slow movement for the past couple of days...Thanks again to Dr Voon for her fast action. After unwrapping the cord,she put my baby on my tummy and did the suction right away. He was blue for quite sometimes but after they put him on my chest his color slowly turned pink..Alhamdulillah! I couldnt imagine what could happened if I opt to wait again!!

His first photo :-)
Alhamdulillah for the second bundle of joy! 

First photo with tok wan and mama :-)

First photo with tok ki n abg long!

Daris Isa Bin Ahmad Fadhli
May you grow up to be the greatest explorer, young man :-) Mama,baba n abg Aidan love you so very much!

Lots of love,

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