March 4, 2010


For the past few days I feel like I'm slowly spiraling further and further into my own little world.I feel like I'm suffocating inside my own room.I cant breathe. But still, i don't feel like going out..Its cold, windy...arggghhh... I have seen winter enough already! i thought i can already said goodbye to winter and say welcome to spring...But it seems that snow will keep coming back....I didn't say that i hate just that i hate the cold ;) Supposedly, I should be thankful that I'm still alive even though I'm suffocating...hmmm

Thanks to the ice skating on Friday and snowboarding trip last Sunday ,my body aches to the point where I can't even cough or even laugh(its not that im laughing all by myself in my room..loser giler)! I don't know why i joined the snowboarding trip with knowing that i dont know how to ride the snowboard yet..haha...but, i didn't regret it though! i thought of going snowboarding again this coming Saturday..we'll see ;)

Anyway, I hope tomorrow will be a better day...InsyaAllah!!!

Aimi and i

Idayu, Aimi and i

-missing my Cintaku..cepat la balik -