August 21, 2012

1 Shawal 1433H

How i spent my first Shawal this year? As you guys most probably knew already, i couldnt fly back home this year to celebrate my Eid with my family.. the Eid celebration this year was totally a different experience for me. Fortunately i was bless with all the people around me that could make all the sadness blown away :)
I want to share with you guys my Eid celebration experience in Frankfurt and Mannheim :)

1# Of course kene ada dodol ok! @ Aunty Faiza's house on Eid's eve :)

2# Girls in da house!

3# Eid's eve will not be perfect without bunga api, of course!!

4# Pagi raya, on the way to Eid's prayer @Malaysian Consulate Frankfurt 

5# Hanis, Ary and Gobja - otw to Frankfurt

7# Hanis and i

6# Idayu and i - before Eid's prayer ;)

7# Murtabak!!

8# Penuh pinggan ok!



11# On the way to Mannheim! The sun is scorching hot! tp semangat nk pakai baju raya jugak!!

12# Hero-hero Malaya gituh!!

13# Heroin heroin Malaya pulak :)

14# Kami!! Teha-Me-Tikah

15# Tikah and i

16# 'Cousins' in Germany :) Dont we all look alike? hahaha...

Thank you Mannheimer for the amazing hospiltality !!! Theres a whole lots more pictures in my facebook later ;)  Hope you guys enjoy your raya as much as i did !! 


lots of love,

August 12, 2012

Randomness: Ramadan 2012

Assalammualaikum and hello again...
i don't want to keep saying i'm sorry for the lack of post in this blog, but sooo lazy to write and my life is kinda boring so to speak. Nothing interesting is going on. I'm still me...the only change is the fine wrinkle starts to form around my sad isn't it? hahaha...well, that is what some people call it life...but i call it beauty! whatever!!!

I'm quite busy with my Master degree right semester left before all of this hard work come to an end...I can say that i didnt really work my a** off for the past few years..but i really want to challenge myself for my final pray for me yah!!!

As all of you might know, fasting month will come to an end in just a few days ;(  i spent 2 weeks of my Ramadan with my beloved friends here in Germany.I just want to share with all of you my memorable moments ;)

#1  My first Iftar with Yanie and Tikah. Green onion pancakes and Char kuey teaw!! i couldn't ask for more!   Credit to our chef, Yanie!!! #böhringen 

#2 Our second day Iftar was at Tatsumi Sushi in Konstanz. They serve the most authentic Japanese food that ive ever taste!! This is our freaking delish and its free!!!

#3 Oh, that's me !!! Tired looking face after surviving 3am-930pm fasting in Germany!!

#4 These are my two lovely friends Yanie and Tikah!! Dont they look like freaking twinzies?!! :)

#5 The infamous Seetang Salat!!!! omg!! they are soo amazing! my mouth is watering as i type!

#6 Sushi that i ordered

#7 Tikah and sushi that they ordered! Tamak ok!

#8 Tiramisu-moreh for our third day Iftar

#9 Yanie, Me and Tikah on our evening walk around Böhringen!

 #10 Outfit of the day- walking around Frankfurt!

#11 Iftar at Vapiano.I love their deco! so classy plus we can even pluck the basil straight from the pot! how cool is that!

#12 I picked Scampi e spinacci , if im not mistaken...but basically, spinach sauce and prawn ;)

#13  truly yours

#14 My bestie, Yanie!

#15 My fav snack, POPCORN!!!

#16 Me again

#17 Yanie and me

#18 Iftar at Yanjing.. Shabushabu time!! Anwar,Gobja and Aman

#19 My besties Yanie and Hajar- shopping around Frankfurt!

#20 Our pick for Iftar was at Koh Samui in Frankfurt!! They really serves good food!! Our tummies were soo happy ;))

Ill leave u guys with these thinking to write more post in the future...lets just hope i keep my promise!! ;)

Salam Ramadan!!!

truly yours,