October 22, 2010

22 February 2010 ;)))

Finally..i remember that i have a blog to write :)

ive just finished my exams last week..exams ended at 1030am and my bus to Ravensburg(Yanie's palce) leaving at 1200pm. rushing huh? haha...i just cant stand even for one more sec to live in Konstanz or to be exact >>>my room ... ive been cramming in my room since the exams started... one freaking whole month!!!!! can you imagine that??

Anyway....a lot of things are going on around me recently...full of drama(not mine), excitement, heart breaking and of course happy - happy things as well...i forgot to tell that i have passed my electronic circuit exam!!! Alhamdulillah....i am extremely happy that i cant stop smiling even after a few days!!! Electronic circuit paper is extremely hard...plus all in German!!! this kind of paper always make me regret for choosing electrical engineering at the first place ;( ive failed this exam 2 times in a row...and if i fail one more time..im 'dead'!!! Thanks to ALLAH s.w.t, ive managed this time around ;) im sooo happy...

Last Saturday i went to Stuttgart to meet Cintaku .. yani, suhana and ayu were there as well!! the craving for KFC ended in Stuttgart as we managed to get our hand on those crunchy chicken ;)) Actually, there are few KFC in Germany serves halal chicken as their supplier is from Wiesenhof. We've been given a List of HALAL KFC in Germany and Stuttgart is one of them...Alhamdulillah...there's no need for us to wait until Summer to eat KFC in Malaysia..hihi

Then we overnight at Hajar's (without those boys,of course)... Slumber party time!!!!! i cant tell you the details ;) Thanks to Yani,Hajar,Ayu and Suhana for the lovely night!! im 24 already ..sad!

KFC entrance
From left: Apis,Yanie, Ayue,Suhana,me, Cintaku

1700pm 21 February 1020

1200 am 22 February 2010

2000pm 22 February 2010