April 28, 2010

Room hunting --> headache!!!

Ive been studying here in Konstanz,Germany for over 3 years now. Apart from 6 months my internship in Zürich, ive been living in the same apartment, same room but different housemate in Konstanz throughout the years. I know, some student didnt like to live in the same house for a long time...Maybe they want a change of air or more likely a change of surrounding..i dont know.. but for me, i like it here...even the room is a little bit small for the price i paid, it is pretty comfortable..Unfortunately, i was force to move out , the end of August. My extension contract was rejected..how sad is that!! I plan to move out early June, because i will busy with my exams in June and July..and of course August is my Malaysia Summer Holiday!! i could not sacrifice that!! Auf jeden Fall, i have to move out this June!!!!

i hate wasting my time searching for apartment..it was and will never be easy to find a decent room with affordable price here in Konstanz ;( Actually ive already got an offer for a really big room...25m²,10mins bicycle ride to my University,near Kaufland, near City Center... but there are 3 Problems :
  1. There will be 4 People living in that house, and there will be 1 Chinese guy ;(
  2. The House owner has a dog...even though the dog will never be anything near our house, he will be running around the garden where the entrance door is ;( i hate dogs!!
  3. The rent is 300€ + 10€ internet...mahal x?...
Anyway, i will have another house appointment this coming Saturday for a cheaper house,14m² with a store room inside the room..how cool is that ;)) ..which is around 250€ ..But im not sure weather im gonna get this house or not...optimistic babe!!

Scholar dah masuk!! im making a list how to spent my scholar this time ;)) hahaha...But still, i still have to save some for my Greece trip!! Havent i told you yet that im going to Greece this Pfingsten holiday?!!! yeay!!!!

Suddenly i miss my brother,Azryl...sob..sob :(

Azryl and his Mac ..kecik2 dah main mac kan...isk..isk..bdk2 zaman skunk ;))