May 30, 2016

Aidan Nuh: 20 things to know about A.N [Happy 2nd Birthday Aidan Nuh]


20 things to know about Aidan Nuh

  1. - 24 months @ 2 years old today
  2. -12.5 kg @ 90cm
  3. -His has a medium size strawberry birth mark on his right leg -second toe.
  4. -He will be all cranky when it comes to his naptime @ bedtime. I cant even handle it!
  5. -But will be all smiley when he wakes up! (only when he sees someone around)
  6. -He loves fruits so much! Banana,dates and orange are definitely top on the list.
  7. -He hates durian! But im sure he'll later realize that it is the best fruit in the whole wide world!haha! Trust me!
  8. -He loves ice cream..but who doesnt? Anything frozen or cold he called it ice cream. Frozen banana make a big hit :-)
  9. -I would say he is a picky eater up until he is REALLY hungry, but his nanny will definitely says otherwise! I dont know how she gets him to eat!
  10. -But sometimes I think he likes fish dishes with rice.. I probably make things up in my mind, but usually he will eats if its fish even only a few bites.
  11. -He loves outdoor/playground! We need to carry him home everytime we bring him to the playground. Sigh!
  12. -He loves ..ermm probably likes (for now) his lil brother Daris. When he hear Daris cry or make some noise, he will run to him n gives gentle pat on Daris cute until the gentle pat become more aggressive..sigh!
  13. -Dont get me wrong, jealousy is still there! ! [TMI alert ] Everytime Daris nenen, Aidan will try to interrupt in so many ways. But he will not nenen.It seems like he forgot how to. He did try to nenen for only half a second..haha.. so weird! (dont get me start on more jealousy moments between them)
  14. -He is super friendly with (friendly) people!
  15. -But he is totally scared to go to the dentist! Can anyone suggest any super friendly dentist please?
  16. -I know it's bad to give screen time to the kids..blablabla.. But ive tried to minimize it as much as I could..As for now, Aidan is obsess with all those nursery rhymes songs and Gogo Adventure with English on Youtube.
  17. He loves swimming pool! Love probably a little bit of understatement..haha.. He can play in the water for hours! I probably should send him to swimming class sometimes in the near future :-)
  18. He likes to play with older kids..but older kids usually dont like to play with younger kids..and they will run away from Aidan when he comes to approach them... Kesian dia -_-
  19. Since becoming a big brother,he started to sleep without me having to hug him.. As much as its broke my heart, I knew this day will come. On the bright side, at least I will only have one sore arm every morning instead of both! Haha!
  20. Last but not least, I would say Aidan is a fun, affectionate,loving little person that I have ever meet :-) Love him to bits!

Even though you are no longer  my only child, or even my only son, you will always be my first. You will hold a special spot in my heart forever.

You will always be my firstborn,my best friend, my little sidekick!

Happy 2nd Birthday Aidan Nuh!!!


Mama :)