February 26, 2014

Review: Fullhouse Cafe & Thirty Two at the Mansion, Georgetown,Penang

Hey loveliess,

Happy birthday to me.. Happy birthday to me.. Happy birthday.. Happy birthday.. Happy birthday to me!!! (*clap*clap*)

Last Saturday was my 28th birthday.. How crazy is that!! Instead of feeling all depress and miserable as i thought i would...im sooooo looking forward to all those wonderful years ahead (ayat sedapkan hati) !!

As this is my first year celebrating my birthday with  Mr Hubs.. I want a little more effort from him to plan something for me laaa . Hikss! But of course i did not expect more than i should as he is definitely not a birthday-fan kinda guy :(

For lunch i decided to go to Fullhouse Cafe in Penang Time Square ( I did the goggling stuff myself, ok) It is quite a hassle to go there as its located in the middle of Penang's busy streets..We reached there around 3 pm and to our surprise only a few people was around.. (And so i thought Fullhouse is quite a famous cafe, no?)


Mr Hubs's Alfredo Spagetti was quite delicious and the portion was generous enough for him ;)  [4/5 stars] Mr Hubs approved! That green stuff was yummy as well.. Its not too sweet plus those popping boba in it makes this drink more exciting n fun to drink. I dont remember the name, thou..too bad!

My Vongole Spagetti was quite spicy.. Its not quite to my liking.. But i managed to finshed it all ;)) [3/5 stars]  My green drink is called Ice blended peppermint chocolate.. Super duper yummy for peppermint lover!!  Its not too sweet and the chocolate sauce adds so much flavor to this drink ;)) Yours truly approved!


They put so much effort in their interior.. So i couldnt help myself to strike a few pose all around the restaurant.. Hahha..

Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe

Restaurant and Café
Penang Times Square (77-G-20/23/60/65), 10150 George TownPulau Pinang

After lunch, we did some damage around 1st Avenue and Perangin Mall to kill some time before my ultimate birthday dinner .. so they said ;) Mr Hubs had booked a restaurant which he refused to tell me (Kunun2 surprise la, which is sooo not him) 

Around 8.30pm we reached to the so called secret restaurant -- Thirty Two At the Mansion ( which i never heard before) I would say that i am amazed with his choice though.. Haha!!  This restaurant located in Georgetown area.. I could already tell that we will pay a fraction of the price only for their ambience ;p

So.....candle light dinner it is!! 

Please excuse muka penat n senyum xbermaya itu! ;)) im super duper hungry already! haha!

We ordered full course dinner set which include --> Appetizer : watermelon salad, french bread with butter, salmon chowder soup. Main Dish: grilled salmon with baked potatoes (mine) , BBQ chicken with coconut rice (Mr Hubs) and for desserts they served chocolate almond cake with coconut ice cream (mine), cranberry white chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream (Mr Hubs). We couldnt even breath properly by the time our dessert were served.. But of course..we always have plenty of space in our belly for desserts :)


Thirty Two at the Mansion
32 Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah
10050 Penang

It was such a lovely day, syg!! Thank you soo much awak ;) Ill be cracking my head to plan your birthday in these two weeks time! yikes!!

Lots of love,